Monday, March 19, 2012

node.js http request example

A http server acting as a google reverse geocoder API proxy.

You just need to pass in long/lat as querystrings, for example, "localhost/?hi=there&long=37&lat=37". I put the hi=there in there because node querystring module parses strangely...


  1. The reason why it's "parsing strangely" is that req.url is not a querystring, but the full url path. Also, you're parsing it more than once, which is a bit unnecessary (though probably harmless).

    Try this:

    var url = require('url')

    // ... in the server
    var u = url.parse(req.url, true)
    // now, use, u.query.long

  2. why don't you use coffeescript? You're going so far to make an array look decent with commas at the beginning, why put commas in at all?

    1. i post articles so as to help the greater amount of people online. all coffeescript people know javascript. posting as javascript is more accessible