Friday, December 23, 2011

Using hogan.js with express on node.js

Thought i'd try getting twitter's hogan.js up and running with express... not as straight forward as i expected. Drawing upon this article on using mustache.js with express.js i created a simple adapter to help bridge functionality.

I would only use this while connect 3.x is in dev. After that i'd use TJ's consolidate.js cause i'm no TJ.

If you're looking for a full, working example, be sure to checkout a Nodestrap-- a repo i use as a project "prototype." It comes out of the box with better than average architecture, hogan-express templating, bootstrap 1.x. Its a good jumping off point.

Here's the adapter:

Here's an example of it in use:

In the views directory i have a index.hogan.js file-- that's the template.

It's worked for simple uses so far. I'll update if needs be.


  1. you could do this much simpler even for 2x, but with 3x coming out soon I wont go into details

  2. @TJ updated it per your suggestion

  3. Is there a specific syntax needed in the layout file to get layout:true to work?

  4. Does the adapter need to be used somewhere, I'm not sure if this works as-is?

    What version of express is this for ?

  5. It was express 2.x. Given that this code is > 6 months old, perhaps it is dead at this point!

    You may want to check out consolidate.js

  6. I'd check out mmm.

    It has support for layout, partials, and caching. It was made specifically for Express 3.